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Ned Ritchie is the engineer who began Intended Acceleration in 1990.  It is still the only 50 states legal way to add 60+ horsepower to your older turbo quattro.

Ned transferred operations of Intended Acceleration the beginning of 2004 to Alex Neckas, a long time Audi enthuiast.  Alex has modified many Audi cars for high performance & racing and therefore was the perfect choice for the new driver of Intended Acceleration.

Ned continues to supply his expertise and support to Alex but is currently developing custom software database applications using R:BASE

A short biography:

Ned initially planned on being a mechanical engineer, but switched to electrical engineering and earned a degree in electronics.

In the late 1960s Ned lived in New York designing and building printing presses. 

He was the Director of Facilities for Thurston County, Washington for many years.

The familyís enthusiasm about Audiís began early on when John Buffum was consistently winning the Olympus and Norwester Rallies in Washington State. Ned currently owns Johnís first Audi that he raced competitively in the United States.  (It still has the sticker in the back window that says ďAll I Want For Christmas Is A Quattro.Ē)

Ned assisted the Audi factory team at the Olympus Pro Rally in 1985 when Hannu Mikkola drove the first Audi S1 to a win with an impressive lead of 10 minutes.

Ned was also an organizer for Toyota Olympus Rally and oversaw the Parc Ferme.  His daughter Tambi was the event Special Assistant to the Chairman.

Ned and Marni, Nedís younger daughter and assistant, currently travel to many of the Quattro Club events each year around the country. You can often find Marni on the track giving instruction or participating in tech talk with the other Audi enthusiasts. Marni is also the social event coordinator for the Northwest Region Audi Quattro Club.

Ned is married to Judy and has two daughters Tambi & Marni.  Ned and his family have owned many Quattros since 1986.  Currently they all drive Quattros, including Tambiís husband Daniel and Danielís brother Patrick.


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