Audi AG

Audi of Germany

Audi Boutique

Audi of America's official  merchandise catalog.

Audi of America

Audi of America's homepage with information about the current models and some Audi history.

Braking Improvement Research Association

The Braking Improvement research Association is a group of Audi® drivers who are interested in creating cost-effective improvements to our braking systems.

Bridgestone Winter Driving School

Winter driving school located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, U.S.A. Group and private instruction available.

Huw's "Early Eighties Audi” Information Station

This site contains files that could possibly be useful or entertaining to owners of older (1979-87) Audi models.

National Motorists Association

The National Motorists Association is a membership organization devoted to representing and protecting the rights and interests of North American Motorists.                                           

North American Rally Association

Home of the North American Rally Association which conducts an International Rally, a Celebrity Rally, and a Vintage Rally as part of an annual Motorsport Festival conducted in the State of Washington.  Information is added almost daily.

North East Region Audi Quattro Club, U.S.A.

Page created to support and encourage Quattro events in the northeast region.  Also includes classifieds and lists of upcoming events.

Audi Club Northwest

Site dedicated to all Audi enthusiasts, their cars and their families.  Online newsletter updated quarterly. Northwest calendar of events and gallery photos included.


A supplier for Audi  replacement and performance  parts, as well as tools and  alignment equipment.

NW Enthusiast's Emailing List

Dedicated to the exchange of information regarding Pacific Northwest Audi events. Hosted and maintained by Eliot Lim at the University of Washington server. To subscribe, include (without the quotes) "subscribe audi-nw <your real name>" in an e-mail to:

Quattro List

A mailing list dedicated to the care and feeding of Audi's -- all types. Hosted and maintained by Dan Simoes.

Quattro List E-Mail Archives

Page on Quattro List web site with all e-mails archived by date, author and subject.

Rallysport, Inc.

Rally videos, books, prints, clothing & decals.

Speed Measurement Laboratories, Inc.

Do you have questions on new radar and laser speed enforcement technologies, radar detectors, safety radar, radar and laser jammers, highway safety issues, interstate highway speed limit studies, and other related topics? Look here for answers.

Tire Size  Calculator

Input your stock tire size and the size of your new tires, and it shows  you a comparative view of the two, as well as your speedometer  correction.

The WWW Speedtrap Registry

Want to know what speed traps exist and where? Want to let others know where they are in your area? Check out this site.

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