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Ned started with a standard 1986 Audi 5000CS Turbo Quattro. Adding a new spoiler, blackout lights, headlamps, eleven pound wheels, and flared fenders, Ned took the look of this car and made it match its name and power - The Beast.

Ned started with a standard 1989 Audi 90.  Take a look at the body changes.  New spoiler, hood, fenders, bumper and lights.  The new license plate is AUDI 2 NV.

Audi 90 1989

Engine code:     AAN, with modifications

Years:     1992 - 1996

Type:    5-cylinder in line, turbocharged

Bore:    81.0 mm

Stroke:    86.4 mm

Valves:    Four per cylinder

Displacement:    2226 cc



Compression Ratio:8.5:1 reduced from 9.3:1

Engine Management:Modified Bosch Motronic M 2.3.3

One ignition coil per cylinder

Cylinder selective ignition

Cylinder selective fuel mixture

Adaptive boost pressure control

Maximum boost pressure:    3.0 bar

Fuel pressure regulation:    4.7 bar over intake manifold pressure, up from 4.0 bar

Injectors:     25% increase in capacity

Mass Air Flow Sensor:    Porsche Carerra RS

Intake manifold:     Intended Acceleration cast magnesium & extrude honed

Allows for short path Audi S1 type intercooler

Exhaust Manifold:    Intended Acceleration cast nickel header & extrude honed

Shorter & larger diameter runner tubes --  5mm increase in outlet to turbo

Turbocharger:    K26 - 3472 HHB 10.91 Manufactured by KKK

similar to that used on US IMSA-GTO 620 hp engine, but now with water cooling, tighter clearances, and newly designed polygonal shaft for higher rpm limits (will not fit on stock manifolds)

Air Induction: Sport quattro intake hoses

Air filter:  Modified Audi/Porsche RS2

Exhaust: 3" stainless steel from turbo back

Muffler: Two 3" stainless steel racing mufflers

Horsepower:510 (reduced to 430 hp now as higher hp bent stock rods)

Drive Train:

Flywheel:    Aluminum, weight 11 pounds

Clutch:    8 carbon kevlar pucks (rated 750-850 hp)

Final Drive:     Quattro drive train with 4.11 ratio gears

Transmission:    Audi CBL 6-speed

Ratios 1st through 6th (3.5, 1.89, 1.32, 1.03, 0.86, 0.73)

Driveline:     Modified to fit


Other Modifications:

Poly-ribbed accessory belt abandoned in favor of individual belts

Engine mounts shift engine to left (for larger turbocharger clearance)

Transmission mounts

Shift linkage

3 inch 321 stainless steel downpipe

Radiator cowling increased for 300 watt four-blade fan

Audi/Porsche RS2 oil pan with Intended Acceleration baffling

Audi 200 water manifold

Audi/Porsche RS2 radiator/turbo coolant hose

1989 Audi US IMSA-GTO rear wing

Audi/Porsche RS2 type body for S1 type intercooler

European model Porsche 993 fog lights, turn signal & side lights

Group A shock absorbers

Audi 200 hydraulic pump for power brakes

Audi 200 harmonic balancer

Relocated battery


Scheduled future modifications:

Increase displacement to 2.5 liter

Upgrade to 4" exhaust

Wheel bearings, bearing carriers, and hubs from Audi/Porsche RS2

Alcon composite aluminum brake rotors

Increase size of fuel lines

17" wheels


Paint: Ginster Gelb (Yes, an original factory yellow!)

Painted By:Ron's Auto Body Shop

Olympia, Washington



© Copyright 1997-2004 Ned Ritchie