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Tech Tip No. 13

Ned Ritchie

Originally published in the quattro quarterly

Copyright 1995

Audi V-8 Timing Belt

The original recommendation for replacement of the Audi V-8 timing belt was 90,000 miles.  Several cars have had the timing belt break at around the 90,000 mile point.  This is an expensive repair.  In some cases over $3,000!

Last year, I was invited to test drive a used Audi V-8.  I drove it for about a mile and the timing belt broke at about 6000 rpm.  I'm sure most of the 32 valves and 8 pistons hit each other.

Please revise any documentation you have regarding V-8 timing belts to read 60,000 miles.  The folks at Audi agree with this recommendation.  If fact a recent Audi service bulletin changes the mileage interval to 60,000.


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