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Copy of letter from Air Resources Board

STATE OF CALIFORNIA -- THE RESOURCES AGENCY                      PETE WILSON, Governor __________________________________________________________________________AIR RESOURCES BOARD                                                          HAAGEN-SMIT LABORATORY                           Reference No. A-91-425                              9528 TELSTAR AVENUE                                                                                                         EL MONTE, CA 91731-2990                                                                                               PHONE:(818) 575-6800Browser Fixed
DEC 1 1  1991Browser Fixed
Mr. Ned Ritchie                                                                                                       Intended Acceleration                                                                                                  2032 Excelsior Drive SE                                                                                                Olympia, WA 98501
Dear Mr. Ritchie:
This is in response to your request for an exemption from the prohibitions in Vehicle Code Section 27156 for the Intended Acceleration Audi computer modification.
Enclosed please find Executive Order No. D-238, permitting advertisement, sales, and installation of the Intended Acceleration Audi computer modification in California on 1981-1992 model-year Audi vehicles powered by a 2.2 liter (136 CID) turbo-charged gasoline engine.  Please note the Executive Order number which must be printed on the identification label and affixed on the device.
No changes are permitted to the device as described in the enclosed staff report.  Any changes to the device, applicable model-years, etc., must be evaluated and approved by the Air Resources Board.
No claim of any kind, such as "approved by the Air Resources Board" or "reduces emissions", may be made with respect to the action taken herein in any advertising or other oral or written communication.
If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Rose Castro, Manager, Aftermarket Parts Section, at (818) 575-6848.
_____________________                                                                                                  R. B. Summerfield                                                                                                            Assistant Division Chief                                                                                                      Mobile Source Division


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