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One of the slickest features of these modifications is the ease with which in can be accomplished. The procedure involves removing the engine computer and shipping it to us for modification and reinstalling the modified computer.

If you want more than a constant 277 hp you must install a better balanced exhaust manifold to improve heat dissipation and to protect the engine.  Either our Intended Acceleration "Extrude Honed" exhaust manifold or the one that Porsche built for Audi's RS2 car would work.

The Intended Acceleration Manifold is the better choice. Its polished interior swoops the exhaust through passages that are 1/16th of an inch larger.  A computer milling machine matched the inlets and outlet of the manifold to the cylinder head and to the turbo, and most importantly, the interior passages are not rough like the Audi RS2 manifold.  Intended Acceleration improvements provide better torque, smoother engine operation, improves highway fuel economy, and meets the requirements of EPA Memorandum 1A!!!

Depending on the air temperature, RPM, and horsepower your stock turbo at times will not be able to keep up with the engine's appetite for air.  For continuous use over 300 hp a special turbo will be needed to supply the greater volume of air.  Porsche developed one for the RS2 Audi which developed 320 hp.

The RS2 turbo can supply enough air, but is terrible at low RPM. Therefore, in conjunction with KKK the makers of Audi turbochargers, Intended Acceleration has designed a more streetable turbocharger which returns much of the low RPM power that the RS2 turbo takes away.

Our "Extrude Honed" manifold and special turbo, if ordered, can be installed while the computer is being sent to us for modification.

For these modifications we require payment in advance. I suggest sending a bank check or money order. Call before sending the computer.

Locate the computer.   It is in the right front passenger footwell behind a cloth covered plastic panel that is held to the side of the car by one screw near the floor. The computer itself is held in place by two nuts that are visible when you remove the cover.  Remove the two nuts. Observe how the rubber hose is routed, because you'll have to put it back that way. Draw a picture if you have to. Remove the computer.

    2. Remove the wiring harness:

Disconnect the wiring harness by lifting on the metal lever on the connector. The connector will pivot upward. Caution: Both the wiring harness connector and receptacle are plastic and can be broken if excessive force is used.

    3. Remove the manifold pressure hose:

 Loosen the hose clamp on the manifold pressure hose and slide it up the hose. The hose can be slipped off the brass tube on the computer by twisting the hose and pulling.

    4. Remove the stock computer and send it next day air (or your choice of shipping) to the address above

    Intended Acceleration

    15411 127th Place NE

    Woodinville, WA 98072.

Insure it for the replacement cost of the computer which with taxes is about $1900.00. Call (360) 754-1411 prior to shipping for scheduling the modification. At present we can do two modification a day.  Your modified computer will be returned UPS Next Day Air.

    5. Install the modified computer:

Reconnect the wiring harness.  Slip the pivoting end of the connector under the pivot and press down on the back end of the connector. Press down on the metal lever to lock it in place. Reattach the manifold pressure hose and tighten the hose clamp.  Replace the plastic bag over the computer and attach the computer to the side of the car with the two nuts. Reinstall the cover over the computer using the screw previously removed.

    6. Install the manifold & turbo:

The special manifold protects cylinders 1 & 5 from over heating, and provides greater torque. The turbo is only used for the 290 horsepower modification. When you install the new manifold you will notice that several of the studs on the head will need to be shortened about 5 mm.  This was necessary to improve the routing of the exhaust for cylinders 1 & 5.  Test fit the manifold to the head to be sure you've shortened all the studs necessary.

This completes the removal and installation instructions.  If you have a question please give me a call at (360) 754-1411.


© Copyright 1997-2000 Ned Ritchie