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One of the slickest features of this modification is the ease with which in can be accomplished.  The procedure involves removing the engine computer and shipping it to us for modification and installing the modified computer and a wastegate spring when the modification is returned.

1.Locate the computer:

It is attached to the right end of the glove box.  Remove the glove box by removing three screws located along the top front edge of the box; one screw on the left side of the box interior; a large plastic plug that is to the right rear of the box that looks like a large screw but it is just pulled out. Disconnect the two wires from the glove box light.  Remove either the 2 or 3 nuts (depends on year of manufacture) from the capscrews and detach the computer from the glove box.

2.Remove the wiring harness:

Slightly press back the metal clip that holds one end of the connector and pivot the connector away from the computer.  Do not bend the metal clip more than is necessary to clear the catch on the connector.

3. Remove the manifold pressure hose:

Loosen the hose clamp on the manifold pressure hose and remove the hose from the computer.  Caution: The manifold pressure hose barb on the coupe quattro is plastic and actually has a barb to prevent easy removal of the hose. It can break off!  Completely loosen the hose clamp and slide it up the hose. Carefully wiggle, twist, and pry upward to completely loosen the hose before prying it off.

4. Remove the stock computer and send next day air (or your choice of shipping) to:

Intended Acceleration

15411 127th Place NE

Woodinville, WA 98072

Insure it for the replacement cost of the computer which with taxes is about $1300.00. Call (360) 754-1411 prior to shipping for scheduling the modification. At present we can do two modification a day.  Your modified computer will be returned with the same expediting as it was received.  However, if you send a personal or company check your computer will be held for 10 days.  I suggest sending a bank check or money order

5.Install the modified computer:

Reconnect the wiring harness.  Slip the pivoting end of the connector under the pivot rod and press the other end down.  It must click into place. Carefully slip the manifold pressure hose over the plastic hose barb.  Tighten the hose clamp. Reattach the computer to the end of the glove box with the capscrews and nuts.  If you disconnected the glove box light reconnect it now. Reinstall the glove box using the screws and washers removed initially.

6. Install the spring:

The following is easier to do when the motor is cool to the touch. Locate the wastegate at the right side of the motor toward the rear.  Remove the six nuts and spring washers that hold on the wastegate cap. One of the nuts and spring washers also holds a soft aluminum plate with an Audi part number, but it may have already been broken off. Lift off the cap.

The spring itself is not enough pressure for maximum boost.  Complete the following to obtain maximum boost for various grades of gas.

Remove the metal plug from the top of the wastegate. Drill a small hole in it.  Screw in a sheetmetal screw to grab the plug. Grab the screw with pliers and wiggle the plug out.  Under this plug is a 6mm allen headed set screw.  Vary the boost by turning the set screw Tighten the screw until you can hear detonation and back it out two turns. (Don't drive with the engine detonating).    I recommend an aftermarket boost gauge for setting. 13 PSI is safe with 92 octane. Exceed 13 PSI carefully and at your own risk.

First you have to break the set screw free.  Place the cap in a vise to hold it or put the cap back on the wastegate studs without the spring. . .a built in vise to hold it. Now stick in a 6mm allen wrench.  Rap it smartly with a hammer to break the thread sealant free.  Spray in some WD-40 or equivalent.  Smack the allen wrench back and forth a little more each time until you can turn it freely.  If you simply start to turn the set screw you can break the wrench especially if the wrench is an in.  The impact method works best.

Install the new spring, and replace the cap. It is easier to install a couple nuts without the washers at first to hold the cap in place. Install the four other nuts and spring washers, then remove those nuts and install the remaining two washers and the two nuts again.

This completes the removal and installation instructions.  If you have a question please give me a call at (360) 754-1411.


© Copyright 1997-2000 Ned Ritchie